Mary Joyce



VR Guide (2017)

I co-authored this guide to the strategic use of virtual reality for social impact in my role as Impact Design Director at Harmony Labs.

Ignite Talk (2015)

In this improvised talk, I describe lessons learned while living abroad.

Video Guide (2015)

This brief guide I co-authored for the Bertha Foundation includes content on strategy, project management, narrative design, production, distribution, and impact measurement.

Viral Post Blog (2015)

In this post, which has received over 165K views and 100 comments, I provide talking points for white people seeking to explain Black Lives Matter to their peers.

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Master’s Thesis (2014)

“Activism Success: A Concept Explication” was the title of my master’s thesis. In it, I proposed methods of operationalizing the tricky concept of success in the context of social impact and social change.

Activism Training (2011)

I created this slide deck for a half-day digital activism training that I conducted in Beirut for activists from around the Middle East.

Book (2010)

I conceived of and edited this multi-author volume on digital activism divided into three parts: contexts (the digital activism environment), practices (digital actions in the aggregate), and effects (what is digital activism’s value?). The book is available for purchase in paperback on Amazon and for free download here.

Research Report (2005)

"Morocco Raises its Voice: A Brief Analysis of the Political NGO Sector" was the final project for my year as a Fulbright scholar.